Small N.H. Coastal Community Takes Big Steps Forward!

Newfields residents developed an action plan to prepare for impacts of extreme weather on people, infrastructure, and natural resources.

Newfields Creates Action Plan
The town of Newfields has recently done some very exciting work for climate preparedness. Since spring 2012, partners from CAW with funding from the N.H. Coastal Program have been helping Newfields to create an action plan to prepare for the effects of extreme weather. Their action plan has focused on two key areas of adaptation: emergency preparedness and stormwater management. A few major accomplishments include a discount generator purchase program for Newfields residents led by the Newfields Chief of Police, and residents are currently signing up! The planning board has also utilized a model stormwater regulation, originally prepared for the Southeast Watershed Alliance by the UNH Stormwater Center and Rockingham Planning Commission, and revised it to fit their local site plan and review regulations. This is a great example of one small coastal community that is taking big steps forward!