Seabrook-Hampton Estuary Receives Economic Analysis of Adaptation Options

NH CAW is starting work on an exciting new project in the Hampton Seabrook Estuary! Thanks to the great efforts of Derek Sowers, EPA awarded a Climate Ready Estuaries grant to the Piscataqua Region Estuaries Project (PREP), one of the NH CAW partners, to work with the three towns in the Estuary – Hampton, Hampton Falls and Seabrook. Sam Merrill (who some of you may remember from the June 29 workshop) from the New England Environmental Finance Center will use the Coastal Adaptation to Sea Level Rise Tool (COAST) to examine the potential impacts to communities from coastal storms. COAST (great acronym!) uses science-based information to evaluate the costs and benefits of management options to address coastal hazards. This will help communities choose the most cost-effective solutions to keep people, infrastructure, and other important locations in town safe from flooding.

The NH CAW team is helping to coordinate this project, and will help the three communities explore management options and integrate project results with municipal policies, plans and actions. This pilot project has the potential to launch other similar projects in other coastal watershed communities. We will provide updates on the project in the Crow’s Nest. In the spring, when the project is completed, we will invite you to attend the presentation of the project’s results. Stay “CAWed” (I mean tuned)!