The NH Coastal Viewer
A user friendly online mapping tool that brings coastal resources spatial data, hazards-related spatial data, and other spatial data sets within NH’s 42 coastal watershed communities together in one place.
My Coast: New Hampshire
A portal to collect and analyze pictures and data relating to coastal events. Information collected through this site is used by the NH Department of Environmental Services to visualize the impact of coastal hazards and to enhance awareness among decision-makers and stakeholders.
NOAA Coastal Flood Exposure Mapper
This web-based mapping tool allows users to build maps showing flooding hazards to people, infrastructure, and ecosystems along the the East and Gulf Coasts.
Climate Central: Surging Seas Risk Finder
A web-based mapping tool designed to provide local regions and policy makers with the tailored local information they need to understand and respond to the risks of sea-level rise and coastal flooding. View maps of sea-level rise scenarios for coastal New Hampshire overlaid with data about social vulnerability and infrastructure risk.