Shoreline Stories


As New Hampshire looks ahead for opportunities to make our special Seacoast more resilient to flooding and erosion from sea-level rise and storm surges, we are excited to launch A STORY SERIES that takes a closer look at past and ongoing approaches to shoreline management in the area.

The shoreline stories will try to answer a few big questions:

  • What does shoreline management look like on the ground in New Hampshire?
  • What types of information are considered when making decisions about how to protect the shore?
  • What are the tradeoffs of these decisions?

We will post one story each month that showcases an example of shoreline management in New Hampshire. We encourage readers to post thoughts, pose questions, and share your own shoreline stories in the blog comment section. The NH Shoreline Management Stories are sponsored by the NHDES Coastal Program, the Great Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve and the NH Coastal Adaptation Workgroup.

Happy Reading!

Story #1: Resiliency Taking Root at Hampton Beach State Park

Rye, NH

Rye, NH

Story #2: The Story of the Marsh that Moved: Looking Back to Plan Ahead

The restored salt marsh along Newcastle Ave. doesn’t have much room to migrate with sea-level rise. Britz and Miller say we’ll have to focus on conserving marshes around the Seacoast that do.

 Story #3 A New Look for An Old Culvert

Where water from Farragut Marsh meets the culvert. This photo was taken at low tide from Route 1A where the culvert crosses underneath the road. Note the build-up of sediment in the water, created by restricted flow, and the abundance of the tall invasive plant Phragmites along the back of the marsh.

Story #4 Oysters: Bivalves with Lots to Give


Story #5 Popular Recreation Shoreline Spot Slipping Away Under Foot and Paw

A family with their dog enjoying a summer day at the Wagon Hill Farm Beach. Just off the shore a boat pulls a wakeboarder and sends extra wave energy toward the eroding shoreline.

Story #6 A Look Inside the First National Living Shorelines Conference










Story #7 A Story About NH’s Armor: What Does the State’s Tidal Shoreline Actually Look Like?